About Us


We are Janie & Tim. This is our little corner on the web where we plan to put occasional updates.

After 3+ years of dating, we got married on March 12th, 2011 at Pine Tree Barn in Wooster, Ohio.

taking a brief break

Relaxing at our wedding reception (taken by Jan Bruns)

Janie is from Wooster, Ohio. Aside from attending the Ohio State University, she lived her entire life in Wooster before moving to Pittsburgh to join Tim in 2011. Janie has a background in real estate and is a college sports fan.

A great view from Kerry Park

Janie in Seattle, 2010

Tim is from Peoria, IL. Since graduating from the University of Illinois, he has moved around the country while advancing his career in biomedical engineering. Tim also enjoys watching sports but isn’t enjoying OSU’s recent dominance over Illinois.

A great view up a hill

Tim at Yellowstone, 2009

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