Steelers 5k

This morning we ran a 5k that was sponsored by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Almost 3000 people participated. Inside the Great Hall at Heinz Field they were setting up for raffles after the event.


The race started just south of the Field, next to the riverfront. That gave a great view of downtown. We were early, so 20 minutes after this picture there were a ton of people around.


It was a flat course, and we both ran great, finishing under 25 minutes next to each other. It was very humid, though, which led to lots of sweating. The finish was on the sideline of the football field. We didn’t spend long there, as the organizers were pushing people to keep moving.


They showed the finish line on the big screen.


Back in the Great Hall there were many post-race snacks: water, gatorade, cookies, ice cream, bananas, oranges, and a few other things. We recovered and ate then left. Three weeks to our next 5k…

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One Response to Steelers 5k

  1. Janice Bruns says:

    Way to go, you two!! Great race! Looks like quite a deal with all the people and activities.