Weekend projects

We made a couple of nice upgrades to our home this weekend.

Janie had purchased nice drapes for the large window in the living room (as well as the dining room), but we don’t have a rod in place to hang them. On Friday we found a nice rod that was long enough. Saturday we installed the rung and hung the drapes, and it all looks great! Sure makes the place look a little more homey.

The other big purchase on Friday was hinted at here. Our current main toilet is, well, not very attractive. So, Tim undertook the fun task of removing the old one and installing the new purchase.

First, some planning was required.

The old toilet had to be removed, and that was the hardest part. The screws were quite corroded, so a hacksaw came in handy.

After carting off the old toilet, there was stuff on the floor to clean off before it was ready for a new install.

Once the new one was in place, screwing the tank onto the base required some contorting.

Finally, it is done! Yeah, yeah, just a toilet. But, it works really well, and it was home installed! (next is the sink/vanity….)

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One Response to Weekend projects

  1. Janice Bruns says:

    I am proud of you!!!